Blackwater Jobs


Blackwater Jobs

Any former military personnel with advanced training may consider one of many Blackwater jobs as an alternative to outright retirement after a military career. The positions available with Blackwater require strength, endurance and previous martial arts or tactical experience, just to name a few requirements. Jobs with the company are not easy to achieve, either, as the applicants for any position face strict and unwavering requirements to guarantee the best possible workforce at a company specializing in security and military services for the government. Each employee must also meet requirements set by the U.N., as work is typically done in foreign countries.

Blackwater jobs are divided into three levels. Those levels vary from the basic up close and personal combat experiences to protection of forces or higher level personnel and finally to the jobs that have a very specific focus for the person who is employed. The company also has nine different business units that focus on a variety of security and transportation types. To procure a job with any of the units and, indeed, anywhere in the company, it is best to believe the process will be long and arduous. The jobs available through this company will require tenacity in practice and applying for open positions with the company requires similar persistence.

Postings for Blackwater jobs do appear on the company's web site. The jobs are typically posted with specific requirements, such as the ability to speak foreign languages or a set number of years of experience in certain combat situations, noted. In addition to these requirements, job applicants need to be between the age of 20 and 55, in good physical health and with a current physical documenting this, clean credit report and also clean criminal background, as well as clean drug testing for a period of at least seven years. Another requirement is that each applicant has a high school diploma.

Blackwater jobs are high end positions with numerous requirements and the necessity for a positive background in life thus far. The positions send employees into dangerous situations with little guarantee of safety due to the very nature of the company. Those applying to the company are typically aware of and even searching for this type of scenario in their future work. Therefore, while Blackwater jobs are not for the naive or unsuspecting, they are a fulfilling type of work for those up for the challenge and prepared for the unexpected.

Updated: May 23, 2012